It fascinates me that Andy is so cocky about winning against GM, but Ian isn’t at all showy about winning against, arguably, the best player to ever play the game. 


Morning in the office.

I am listening to Vampire Weekend and my feet are cold.


Make me Choose - Deleric asked: Leighted or Chair

Pride & Prejudice (France - UK - USA, 2005)

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul thanking each other in their Emmy acceptance speeches


Taylor Marie McCormick aka Lalasiy - 1: Float On, 2012  2: 3.52, 2011  3: Starrs, 2012  4: Nightlights, 2012  5: Cosmic, 2012  6: White Night, 2012  7: Trance, 2012      Photography

Autumn Colors + Allison asked by argentie