Savannah rewatches → Misfits 3x08 episode 8

As I was kissing her all I could thing about was you; I never want to be with anyone else. Kissing her only made me realize how much I love you.  

Savannah rewatches → Misfits 3x07 episode 7

I’m not dressing up as a cheerleader; maybe I’ll do it for your birthday

Savannah rewatches → Misfits 3x06 episode 6

Savannah rewatches → Misfits 3x05 episode 5

Seth and Kelly

Savannah rewatches → The IT Crowd 1x01 Yesterday’s Jam

Savannah rewatches → Misfits 3x04 episode 4

Seth appreciation post

Savannah rewatches → Misfits 3x03 episode 3

Savannah rewatches → Doctor Who 4x05 The Poison Sky

I’m stuck on earth like an ordinary person, like a human.

Savannah rewatches → Parks & Recreation 3x02

I’m not interested in caring about people.

Savannah rewatches → Doctor Who 2x12 Fear Her

Fingers on lips!

Savannah rewatches → Misfits 3x02 episode 2 

Savannah rewatches → Doctor Who 2x04 School Reunion

Goodbye, My Sarah Jane. 

Savannah rewatches → Supernatural 1x18 Provanence

Savannah rewatchesMisfits 3x01 episode 1